Microbes are the most diverse and abundant entities on Earth, and they are critical to ecological and biogeochemical processes such as decomposition, plant growth, and nutrient cycling. They also have

Like humans, animals are hosts to vast microbial communities. Describing animal-associated microbiota allows us to detect similarities and differences to the human-associated microbiota which facilitates a better understanding of human


Scikit-bio began from code derived from PyCogent, and the contributors and/or copyright holders have agreed to make the code they wrote for PyCogent available under the BSD license. The contributors to


PyCogent is a software library for genomic biology. It is a fully integrated and thoroughly tested framework for: controlling third-party applications; devising workflows; querying databases; conducting novel probabilistic analyses of

Platypus Conquistador

Platypus Conquistador is a bioinformatics command line tool for the confirmation of the presence/absence of a specific taxon (or set of taxa) in environmental shotgun sequence reads. Platypus uses two


TopiaryExplorer supports visualization of very large trees while providing convenient interfaces for decorating the tree with taxonomic information, automatically coloring branches based on data about environments where they are observed,


BayesFold is a web application that finds, ranks, and draws the likeliest structures for a sequence alignment. Foldings are based on the predictions of the Bayesian statistical method. BayesFold provides


Primer Prospector is a pipeline of programs to design and analyze PCR primers. De novo primers can be generated from a set of aligned fasta sequences and these primers, or